Alan R. Stevenson

Alan R. Stevenson

A Sneak Peek into a REAL Spiritual Awakening:
One Ordinary Man's Extraordinary Journey
Through Death & Back To Life &
His Message to Spiritual Path seekers!

On February 26th 2010 at 9:25 a.m.

while on a city bus en route to work during the only snow storm of the year, Alan died of a heart attack. He spent what would be a day’s worth of happenings/or events if you will, on the other side, yet returned here several minutes later, having been given a task once he set forth his choice to return.

“It is the lesson of Being in a physical world we have yet to learn. Our blind spots are many and knowledge of what is truly important…little. Much in the same way that we know little about and do not understand death, the same is also true about Life.”

“When I came back, I fell in Love with all that there is, from all that I had learned.” wherein

“The opposite of Love is actually fear, for hate is merely the fear to Love”

From the Beings of 111 / 3 : “Know that you are Loved, Wanted, Needed by so many and you shall find your place to start.”


A New Understanding 

Of Life 

As the Human Race turns an unprecedented corner in its short history, an internal yearning to understand so much more is upon us. With the current focal point being but half a circle, whereas the other half explains so much of what is not known or understood about the first half that is physical Life. 


Chelsie P. writes

“Thank you Alan!! As a nursing student I have had the amazing experience of being around those that are about to die and those who have died. Many talk to people or guides and it always amazes me and feel truly honored to be with them as they make their journey and each time has been life changing for me. Thank you for sharing your story! It really helps to put things in perspective!”


Lori F. writes

“Just wanted to Thank You Alan – My brother recently passed and before he did – he kept mentioning people in his ICU room. There was no one there but us – but he insisted there were three men there. Now after reading your story I feel a sense of calmness that he is okay and someone was there to meet him… The number three seems interesting to me… Thanks for sharing your story – So well written and inspiring”

A Very Intense Program

to Life understanding