A Real Spiritual Awakening

I Had to Die to Learn How to Live

On February 26th 2010 I found myself in a heck of a mess while in the middle of a snow storm trying to make my way six blocks to catch a bus to work. The bitter cold wind and snow whipped around me as I tried to pull each foot from the quickly accumulating knee deep snow, all while an unimaginable pain filled every cell of my body which was originating from slightly below my chest.

Struggling past the armouries, I looked around to determine how far I was from the bus stop and realized in heart sinking fashion that I was completely alone in the storm. There wasn't a single soul to be seen anywhere, no cars, no people, no businesses open, only the bone-chilling wind, driving snow and excruciating pain. Thoughts and emotions whirled within as I felt more alone than I had ever felt or truly been before. I still clearly remember my instincts shouting, “You need to get to the hospital!” yet I persisted in the foolish belief that if I could just keep on keeping on, it would all pass and I would be okay after all.

Making it to the bus stop felt like a victory as I waited for the delayed bus. When it arrived and I boarded, I slipped the coins into the slot, and realized as it lurched away into the snow that everything had changed from one heartbeat to the next. I sagged into a seat a couple seats behind the driver, my ability to physically move was reduced to slow motion, as my hands wouldn’t obey my struggles to remove my gloves, coat and hat.

The coming of truth

Within moments of sitting down, life long elusive spiritual truths were about to revel themselves in a very big and special way.

With a grim understanding, I knew I had no choice but to ask for help now or die, and even with the cold hard truth staring me in the face, I couldn’t immediately bring myself to act, “I really just don't care enough anymore!” drifted through my consciousness...Once again however my instincts screamed at me to ask for help.

Now or Never

Without thought, as the bus drivers eyes met mine in the mirror that hung above her, I asked her to call 911. She asked only why as she picked up the on-board phone. In a final faltering voice I told her I was having a heart attack. Turning slowly, I noticed a woman sitting across from me. A horrified expression filled her round face as she clutched her bulky purse tightly to her chest.

A sorrow quickly flooded every atom of my Being as the pain began dissipating rapidly and a more serene peacefulness gently enveloped me. Entering that final moment of Life an internal peacefulness brought a simplistic clarity to Life and was only the start to the true lessons learned during my Near Death Experience.

...Then you Die

My gaze slowly lowered to my boots, and I thought, "So this is what it’s like to die." During that transitory thought, I died. My vision winked into darkness as all the pain I had suffered over the past three days vanished without worry, anxiety or fear. The calm peacefulness strengthened, replacing all the pain of the moments before.

Throughout my life I had a deep burning desire to find, to know and understand the spiritual truth of Life itself. Not just to know but to truly understand what Life was about and how it all works. Just as most of you have perhaps experienced I saw one after another fades materialize in the spiritual industry that in the end provided little or nothing more than a vague sense of anything.

New Hope

I still remember the day when I slipped a movie into the DVD player that was very popular at the time based on and around attracting given things and situations into your life. My life during that time period was very similar to being blindfolded and with my hands outstretched into the darkness of not knowing I searched for answers. In other words I was lost, and as I later found out, so many others were too.

The content of the movie created a new found sense within myself I'd never really felt anything remotely like it before. Later on at a point during the movie I began to cry having felt as though I FINALLY had my answer of how to live life. The Golden key to it all. An emotional roller coaster that the movie created ran at a dizzying pace within myself for quite some time afterwards.

A Twist

But shortly thereafter things and Life itself were about to get a whole lot worse in an extreme way.


For starters my wife and I went our own separate ways after 20 years and two growing daughters. A gut wrenching situation I figured would have made me stronger. Man oh man was I ever wrong and soon came to realize I'd bitten off so much more than I could possibly chew.

Against the advice of many I continued on in a job with a pay structure and limited hours suited more for a teen living at home with mom and dad. However I was existing in absolute total lack of anything and everything, blinding me to the unfolding of events to come in which daily signposts along the roadway of Life were ignored.

Rock Bottom? ...not yet

In the Fall of 2009 I ended up living in a corner of a small, fairly nasty and very cold basement. Despite doing all I could to turn things around inside myself a pinnacle moment struck and at some point I became emotionally dead within. I had finally lost all hope of actually possessing the answers of how to live Life.

That day in February of 2010 should have been an event horizon to my life or a point from which you just do not return, yet at 9:25am I actually scummed to the heart attack I had been having for three days.

After having done all I could just to make it to the bus stop I climbed up the few stairs of the bus. Putting the coins into the toll box I entered what should have been my last moments of Life as we know it... or think we do as my condition deteriorated rapidly to experiencing the shifting of consciousness.

The Truth Cometh

In the act of slipping from my biological glove I learned so much yet was nothing compared to the journey and education I was about to go on.

While on the “other-side” I was given a choice to stay there or come back. Once the choice was made within my consciousness to return a task was given to me. A task to help people, when I could, however I could, wherever I could, and I have done so for the past seven years.

Changing a Life

: An individual I reached out to after she initially got a hold of me was a lady who was the #1 Real Estate sales person in one of the top five largest cities in the United States three years running. Well, up until her son took his own life. I internally felt a strong sense I needed to step up to help her. House bound for nine months at the time and professional help implemented to alleviate the internal pain was of little use.

I asked her for a number I could call to talk to her. She asked why out of shock a stranger would step up to help her. We talked for around two hours. The following day with her new found understanding she left her house for the first time. She was just one of the individuals from the hundreds I have helped over the years.

From the Other-side

Though there were many, two of the messages given to me while on the “other-side” were we are to “remember that each and every one of us is an individual cell of the Human Race” - the other, “Know that you are Loved, Wanted, Needed by so many and you shall find your place to start.

The Turning Point

That day of February 26th ended up being the day I died and there was a point during that day in which I made a choice to return so I could learn how to Live Life.

Teach all that you Know

In accepting that task I have taken nearly all that I learned during that day on the “other-side” along with the seven years of a second Life and poured it into this intensive program of knowledge and understanding to help others. From within the minuscule box of physical reality you shall only learn to live Life in an after the affects fashion regardless of what you have read or been taught. There exists a truth of “What” you are and what the potential of that is.

I have so much to tell, so much to show, so much to teach and the one thing I honestly do know is that you will not learn what it is I will teach you anyway else.


Jean writes

“Alan... This is amazingly powerful stuff!! - so needed right now in our

dominant society, who discount and "shrugs" off death and dying...

Life and Death are one...

Thank You so much for sharing this,

Great writing, the world is awaiting you.”


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