RealLife Coaching

  "One of the very first lessons I learned after slipping from physical reality into an NDE, is that we are not to judge another individual Soul Being in any way shape or form." Alan brings the lessons learned from having died to create a New Perspective to coaching which he refers to as RealLife coaching. The current life coaching industry's mode and/or model is but a half circle. So much of Life, living, the how and why are missing in the average life coach's experience. "Let me turn your world and Life upside down to but it back on it's feet."  


Perspective Perception and a New Understanding 

As the Human Race turns an unprecedented corner in its short history, an internal yearning to understand so much more is upon us. With the current focal point being but half a circle, whereas the other half explains so much of what is not known or understood about the first half of Life. 


RealLife Coaching


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Lost Loved One / Grief Coaching