Shelley wrote in to say; Thank you.

I have been studying and reading about NDE’s for the last 20 years, before it became so mainstream. My first introduction was thru Helen Kubler Ross and then Raymond Moody. Being a nurse I saw and “felt” things that I couldn’t explain with dying patient? 20 years ago to talk of any of this stuff was to be ridiculed.So grateful that the ‘veil” is lifting and people are being exposed to this new reality. I look forward to reading your book and will keep searching and seeking as I always have.

Blessings dear one


Donna W.

Wow! Such a lovely story.

Anna C.

“Alan, thank you so much for sharing your story… it really helped me today. I just found out that someone I care about just died of suicide. He had been trying for a while…. simply choosing to let go and reading your story made it bearable by knowing that he was tired, he just could not continue to fight with the illusions, he needed to return to a peaceful existence and made the choice to go! I rejoice in your choice to stay and to guide us to a more meaningful purposeful existence. Choosing to Be!…. no matter how hard it is…..

(Rest in peace Jonathon… until we meet again)”


Lori F. writes

“Just wanted to Thank You – My brother recently passed and before he did – he kept mentioning people in his ICU room. There was no one there but us – but he insisted there were three men there. Now after reading your story I feel a sense of calmness that he is okay and someone was there to meet him… The number three seems interesting to me…

Thanks for sharing your story – So well written and inspiring”



“What an amazing writer you are. I love reading your stuff. You go guy!”

Samantha writes

“I do have to say, the things you taught me about energy, how it attracts, and how you can protect yourself, really really helped me. I was on a total dead track and desperate to get rid of the pain.”


Terri C. writes

“I agree with your statement about choice. I am where I am today because of the choices I have made. If I understand you correctly you say that your experience with death you were given a choice. I believe it to be that way. I say this because my daughter died last May. She had melanoma and was diagnosed far to late to save her. Anyhow, the prognosis was not in her favor. She was in the hospital only two weeks. On the last day of her life she was not verbally responsive her eyes were opened but rolled back into her head. I knew death was not far away and my sister told me to tell her that it was okay to go because she was hanging on for her family. I knew she was right and with all the love in my heart I told her that it was all right to go home with the angels. I told her how much I loved her and spent what seemed like forever with her. I left the room and went downstairs with my youngest daughter. A few minutes into lunch my sister came and got us. Amanda had passed. She told me that she had been in the room with her dad and that the last thing she saw her do was to grab her dads’ hand with tears streaming down her cheeks. Thank You ever so much once again!”


Lana N.

There is often something of a turning point like that in our lives, isn’t there. Thanks for sharing your story. Mine in a nutshell: I was on a path where I’d grown all I could within the church and with the ex. He was abusive and I had learned the lesson I needed to. Spirit told me one day that if I did not leave him, I would be dead in 4 years time. I did not need to test that to see if it would come true. I had grown to total trust of what I heard from Spirit which has been proven to be right on each time. I now have grown past what I knew then and have a wonderful new husband.

Alan J. writes

“Fascinating account, many thanks.”

Chelsie P. wrote to me to say

“Thank you Alan!! As a nursing student I have had the amazing experience of being around those that are about to die and those who have died. Many talk to people or guides and it always amazes me and feel truly honored to be with them as they make their journey and each time has been life changing for me. Thank you for sharing your story! It really helps to put things in perspective!”

Stephanie Van de ven; Author of the Birdy Book

“You’re amazing Alan! Your story will change hearts and souls all over the country. Thank you for being such a strong light in much darkness.

Lots of love.”

Nancy E.

“Thank you for sharing this experience. I am happy you still walk with us.



Hi Alan!

I do not know you. I became intrigued by your statement and read about the transforming chapter of your life event. Thank you for sharing your experience. My life has been visited by death of loved ones in the past several years. Most recent, Feb. 2008 my Mother. Mar. 2009, my Sister. As strange as this may sound Alan, I have been somewhat preoccupied…with death. I thought death was suppose to be so…final. Your story depicted just the opposite. I have heard of people dying and then, given another chance at life. It seems individuals each have their own experience. I do believe events take place that surpass all human understanding. I think I get what you mean by us having a choice… being empowered if we CHOOSE to B. (I like that Alan I look forward to becoming better acquainted with this wonderful & diverse network of people.

May I say, “I am glad you decided to stay”.


Paula A.

Why is it that once we are faced with death we don’t fear it, we feel peace instead? Is it because we accept it, or because at that moment we remember who we truly are? I once believed I was going to die. I was 14 and foolishly jumped in the deep end of a swimming pool and didn’t know how to swim. Never been in a swimming pool before. My body went straight down towards the bottom. In a split second I realized what I did, and the only thought was “I am going to die”, no fear just a feeling of acceptance and peace. I really did believe that “this is it” It felt like so much time had elapsed when in reality must have been seconds. Two lifeguards came to my rescue and pulled me out.

Thank you for sharing Alan. Death is not to be feared I guess.



Robyn G S-B

Thank you Alan for sharing your amazing story… I so wanted to cry…I so want to feel that all encompassing love and peace that you feel when you die, it has been a long long wish…Yet when faced with actually dying the fear reoccurs… Strange beings us humans…My partner had a similar experience at age 4yrs…When I feel at my lowest I think of that and it helps to know that we are all one and all loved equally…

Again thank you…


Marie J.

What an incredible story, Alan. I was a little nervous about reading it, though the subject of the survival of death has always fascinated me. I am intrigued by the 6 foot tiger that spoke to you. The reason is, that in the Chinese astrology, the year of the tiger started on Feb 14, 2010. And, last year I had a dream of a gigantic white tiger, the size of dinosaur walking over three potholes, protecting me. I had no idea last year was the year of the tiger when I had the dream, and now I read of your experience. I didn’t know guardians could take the form of animals, I thought they were totem animals… always something new to learn. Wow. Thanks so much for sharing!


Natalie C.

Alan – thank you so deeply for sharing that experience – I am profoundly moved and elated by this.

Much gratitude love and light to you

Suzanne B.

Wow, your experience washed over me as I was reading, and I can’t even describe yet what my thoughts are, but your choice to live was, as you say, one of many we make every day. You must have come back for a reason. Do you know why? Were you shown what your purpose was? Just curious. I have another friend who has died 8 times by being choked by his dad… long ago… he saw his mission and agreed to come back.

Thanks for sharing.


Julie F.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us and for reminding me of my own experience and the choice I made to stay and embrace life.

Kate M. writes

“Thank you Alan, as an empath I love this beautiful description of your experience. We truly are all one and all love. I have chosen to live my life to the fullest in service to myself and the world, in whatever way I choose.

Namaste xxx”


Rebekah B.

Even in spirit, we have free will… you chose to come back and share your knowledge with everyone, good for you… I’m so grateful for that! I thought that I’d had a NDE a few years ago, it was triggered by a nasty fall face first into a gravel road… I didn’t faint, it was the universe nudging me to “act”.. that was the beginning of my journey “into” myself, but I came through it and opened up the light within me.

Keep shinning your love & light Alan.


Janne H. – Wonderful story Alan. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Andrea I.

I am soul happy you survived to share your story. Just weeks ago I ended up in the ER with a blood clot in my heart. I thank the higher beings who consistently watch over me to allow me to breathe again to share my love and light with the world.

Toni C. – Beautiful and very touching. Thank you for sharing it.

Patti from Canada

Thank you so much for writing this Alan. What an amazing experience, and what a gift it is to others! Would you mind if I shared it? One of my former bosses passed on at the age of 37 from breast cancer. In the moment before she transitioned, she said to her mom and husband, “Oh my God–they’re here!” It was as if she had seen angels or people she knew. The mother of my next boss also had a wonderful experience before she moved on from ovarian cancer. With the family around her hospital bed, she said, “There’s a line–they’re telling me to cross the line.” The family encouraged her to cross the line, and she transitioned. Your experience must have been incredible. Your work here was not done. You will help many people–giving hope and peace around living and dying–before you have the opportunity to move on again.

Thank you so very much for all you are doing.


Jonas C. – Alan- Thank you so very much for sharing this experience with us. Such an amazing amazing story!!!

Juliet S. – Bless you Alan – thank you for sharing this… YOU are a miracle aren’t you?!!

Jim M. – A precious experience, Alan. I’m glad you came back to share it.


Raewyn N.

I too have experienced a connection with the other side and it was a very overwhelming experience which came with a message, which proved to be correct back in 1989. A day I will never forget which started out as a walk in the park.



Alison N.

I too have had an experience similar to yours, I was 20 and pregnant with my first son and I became extremely ill with a kidney problem..Whilst in bed waiting for the ambulance to take me hospital the room became bathed in a beautiful white light, I know this sounds weird but I could actually feel the lights energy. At the end of the bed stood three figures 2 in dazzling white suits I could not tell whether they were men or women, but they had the mot beautiful faces I have ever seen. The third person stood in the middle of them, he was dressed in a suit and looked you or I. I was extremely frightened and said “I don’t want to go” the third figure replied”we have not come for you, but to tell you, you have a job to do on earth and it is not your time” I spent several days in hospital hoovering between life and death. When I returned home I told my husband and he went white, I had described the third figure and it was his father who had died years before I married him. I was shocked but over the years I have taken comfort in those angels words.


Lesley J.

Thank you for sharing your enlightening story. I helped my father transition on May 31st 2009 for 4 days and it was a very enlightening experience. I was also able to communicate and know that my beloved grandparents were there to greet him so he was not going to be alone.

Love, Light & Compassion Now & Always!


Helen N. – Welcome back Alan, with great thanks to the tiger…

Nancy – Alan, just found this. What a beautiful experience!!! Thank you so much for sharing. It really is all about choice, isn’t it?

God bless

Janne H. – Thank you for sharing your truly beautiful story.

Valarie VW.

I enjoyed the short read of the prologue to your book. It was very interesting. Everything I heard or read about death meant going into the light. I was impress to read about the Tiger.

Andrew, Petev B.

What a truly amazing story….Nothing like I’ve ever read before on this subject. I can’t wait to read your whole book. I think this kind of testimony and experience has great purpose and is worth sharing with others.


Josef R.

WOW! What a truly filling man, I know it as I had the same situation of having a heart attack 5 years earlier! We call this simply the Amazing Race.


Amazingly interesting, makes you want to keep reading!

  • I like the viewpoint
  • Why are we (mankind) so afraid to admit we are ill ?

Ted Gray

I am not a book reader of novels as such etc., though I do like a self help or inspirational read. I read this by Alan R. Stevenson with great interest and got a quick thirst for more education into it, as well as drive to push myself. Understanding to make decisions and stop stagnating are mine to make. I felt as though I was with the writer as he was in great discomfort and to understand something about how that final few moments might feel in my life. It was both frightening and perhaps comforting, if I can make changes to my everyday thoughts and progress.

Thank You Alan ever so much for the opportunity to read your experience & thoughts.