Real Life


We spend our lives wondering and trying to figure Life out. An internal burning desire to at least understand what we are doing here and how it is all suppose to work. Racing down the mountain side to what, we do not know.

During an NDE ( Near Death Experience ) in February of 2010 Alan R. Stevenson stepped across that veil so many people/Souls wonder about, yet can not understand. During his day long edification on the "other-side" he was taught so much more than a Lifetime possibly could.

There is a magic to the Truth of Life and Being. One in which we all get to discover in the last few moments of Life and into the transition of consciousness.


The Teachings through coaching you will learn.

The teachings during the VIP's or one on one coaching sessions are specific to what Alan was shown during his NDE and time spent on the "otherside". During these twelve hours you will learn more than a Life time could possibly offer.   


If you want an extraordinary experience out of Life...

shouldn't you work with a coach who has had an extraordinary experience already. NDE survivor!


The past seven years



Pricing of Coaching

This online video conferencing method gives you twelve full hours of one on one with Alan. This method of contact and pricing allows individuals who just cannot do or make it to the VIP's an alternative option. 

$3199.00 usd  ( There is a payment plan available as well )

$1800.00 Six hour learning session.