Alan R. Stevenson


Very Intensive Program


NYC & Los Angeles & San Diego VIP Events : What to Expect.

These Very Intense Program events are all held at very comfortable locations as they run from 10:00 am until 9:00 pm. with a max of fifteen people per location.

 Lunch and dinner meals will be catered in at the location, Voss Water will be provided. (menu selections will be emailed to participants well in advance of the events)

"In a blur we end up

at our final few moments

to finally learn all that we had

a chance to"....Alan R.Stevenson


The Teachings

We spend our lives wondering and trying to figure Life out. An internal burning desire to at least understand what we are doing here and how it is all suppose to work. Racing down the mountain side to what, we do not know.

During an NDE ( Near Death Experience ) in February of 2010 Alan R. Stevenson stepped across that veil so many people/Souls wonder about, yet can not understand. During his day long edification on the "other-side" he was taught so much more than a Lifetime possibly could.

There is a magic to the Truth of Life and Being. One in which we all get to discover in the last few moments of Life and into the transition of consciousness.

After helping people from every walk of Life and corner of the globe for the past seven years, Alan now is bringing a Day long, intimate, and very personal method to instill in others the lessons he was taught and also learned from having died.

Come to the last Learning session you will need.

Please contact Meaghan who is head of Operations and bookings for the VIP's. You can reach her at

Samantha writes

“I do have to say, the things you taught me about energy, how it attracts, and how you can protect yourself, really really helped me. I was on a total dead track and desperate to get rid of the pain.”

Teachings of Truth


***All Event Dates are held on a Saturday.*** 

                New York City

Los Angeles, California

Approx. Date: Late October Early November

Approx Date: Mid September

San Diego, California

Approx Date: Early to Mid October

***Dates will be moved ahead once filled***


The entire day is yours to spend with Alan. Included is fully professional catered meals, plenty of Voss water will be provided as well as breakfast pairings and coffee.

Please don't feel like you need to bring anything, the dress code is a comfortable casual. 

$4997 USD

Payment plans available

Any questions can be directed to Meaghan at " " 


Limited Spots

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Los Angeles