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Very Intensive Program


NYC & Los Angeles & San Diego VIP Events : What to Expect.

These Very Intense Program events are all held at very comfortable locations as they run from 10:00 am until 9:00 pm. with a max of fifteen people per location.

 Lunch and dinner meals will be catered in at the location, Voss Water will be provided. (menu selections will be emailed to participants well in advance of the events)

"In a blur we end up

at our final few moments

to finally learn all that we had

a chance to"....Alan R.Stevenson


The Teachings

There is an extreme magic to Life and living, unfortunately existence within physical reality is never going to provide you with the proper tools. The tools you thought you have obtained to date are of an "After effect" of the ever unfolding of your Life within the physical reality around you. Those tools cannot fix or help you after something has taken place. It is only by way of true "Understanding" of the point from which all things unfold you can learn to affect your unfolding and create as you were always meant to. 

For a single moment think of all the little things of your e-motions, thoughts, feelings (which are a biological response to e-motions), actions throughout your entire life that have brought you to this very moment here right now to be reading this. Now...ask yourself why?

If you think it is a mere coincidence, you are living in the after effects of physical reality. - for example: You knock a vase off a table as you turn around and then in slow motion you watch it descend to the floor, as a helpless e-motion floods every cell of your biology. The proceeding unfolding of this scenario would be to go about cleaning up the after effects of something you cannot fix, or change. This is just an example of how we currently live our lives in that after affects mode within physical reality. Now back it up to the "Unfolding" just prior to that scenario, for it is here at this point you can affect the change and outcome. 

February 26th 2010 was the day I died and slipped from my biological glove, yet it gave me a new lease on Life and a second chance to live Life properly. The difference? is all in the heavy duty metal tool of "Understanding" of that point from which you and all things come from!

After helping people from every walk of Life and corner of the globe for the past seven years, Alan now is bringing a Day long, intimate, and very personal method to instill in others the lessons he was taught and also learned from having died.

Come to the last Learning session you will need.

Please contact Meaghan who is head of Operations and bookings for the VIP's. You can reach her at

Samantha writes

“I do have to say, the things you taught me about energy, how it attracts, and how you can protect yourself, really really helped me. I was on a total dead track and desperate to get rid of the pain.”

Teachings of Truth


***All Event Dates are held on a Saturday.*** 

                New York City

Los Angeles, California

Approx. Date: Late November

Date:  Sat. October 28 2017

San Diego, California

Approx Date: Mid November


The entire day is yours to spend with Alan. Included is professionally catered meals, plenty of Voss water will be provided.

Please don't feel like you need to bring anything, the dress code is a comfortable casual. 

Regular price $4997 USD

promotional price if purchased before September 21st 2017 

$3997USD with an added surprise bonus

if you contact Meagan prior to purchase.

Payment plans available


Saturday October 28th 2017

Any questions can be directed to Meaghan at " " 


Limited Spots

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Los Angeles